Afternoon Delight

Afternoons make me nervous. I don’t know why. Ever since I had kids they make me twitchy. Edgy. It’s the impending darkness that looms, the unknown of the night ahead, of what’s in store for you. I remember in those first few weeks with my first babe I dreaded them. They physically made me sick…the evening ahead was like a noose slowly tightening around my neck…the feeding, the suffocation…eeeew.

And still, almost 4 years on, they still make me a little edgy. Now it’s the feral time, the hours of whiny, whinging over tired kids that make the afternoons hard{er}. Funnily enough it’s the evenings now that I wait for…nay, beg for. That post 7pm time that is so sacred…and just before the real trouble starts which is any time from 9pm. Those 2 hours? MY HOURS. My special time as a person. A wife. A friend.
Anyway, I digress. Yesterday afternoon I got me that familiar post 3pm twitch and edge. So I did what I only know what to do…get outside and shrug it off. And what a place to do it in. And what a fun way to do it…in the truck, 3 gals, no seat belts, hitting the paddocks, the fresh country air and late afternoon sunshine all around.
Did I mention I love this place? I do.

And I now know of 2 others that do too.


  1. Oh man, do I know that feeling! I don’t get it too much any more, but I remember it well.

    What an incredible place to ‘shrug it off’!

  2. Yeah, I remember that feeling too. Like the night was going to be a marathon, after you’d just run a marathon and a marathon the night before. I never thought those nights would end.

    But they did.

    Your place is beautiful. 🙂

  3. Yippee! Being outside in the afternoon into evening is the best thing ever for curing what ails you. I can so relate to that ‘uneasy’ feeling, although mine used to come on around 5pm dinner time and stay with me throughout the night. Not so bad now that the babes are getting bigger, but still edging at the perimeters.

    Outside is the cure for sure. And that paradise you’re in would surely make the idea of outside irresistable!! x

  4. hehehe I know about this all too well!! I have a tiny newborn so our ‘witching hour’ is back with a vengeance after I feel like we finally got over it with our little girl (now 20 months)… what will be in store for us tonight???

  5. I hate that feeling. I get it a little less now, but I remember in the early mama days I used to hate the night. I just wanted to fast forward to morning. Wishing you some good sleep tonight.

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