1 plus 1 = Eleven months

Which equals = Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! It cannot be! Mah BABEEEEEEEE! Sob. Sob. SOB. My little baby is now 11 months old {yesterday} and THIS WILL NOT DO. At all. I swear to you that she was *just* born. And yet, still, there is this big kid who lives with us, who talks. And points. And waves. And is. But yet, still does not move.

I can’t even explain to you how much I love this photo with the fucking Unicorn that Daisy is OBSESSED with. She calls it her “NEW-NA-CORN”. It comes everywhere. IS everywhere. She is Obsessed. And of course it features in almost every. single. one. of our moving house shots. Like our third child or something. Oh children in their weird 3 year old ways…

We went to her 3 monthly paediatric appointment yesterday and she was leaps and bounds from her last appointment months ago now. She was heavier. She was chunkier. She was happier. The doctor was reading her notes from our last appointment and may or may not have said {reading from her notes} that “the mother looked dreadful”. And then said “I NEVER write that. Things must have been bad.” And they were. Really bad. When I think back to when we started this journey all those months ago now and where we were, I can’t can’t believe where we are now. I am amazed and overjoyed we are, but I can’t believe that we are here. On the precipice, ready to start our new life. And this appointment, this reminder of just why we are doing this was what I needed to hear on a sad Monday afternoon for me.

We are doing this for you Daisy. For you Harper. And your crazy hair.

And I know in my heart of hearts that this is the right thing to do.


  1. She is not!! How is that possible? 11 months!

    What a gorgeous little honey.

    I can see an amazing transformation in you all over the past few months (even if it is just online).

    I can’t wait to see the BIG 12 months in beautiful new settings. Wow, it’s amazing at what can happen in a year! xx

  2. Down the track, the crazy hair will thank you a thousand times for making the big momve. Oh how I wish LOML wasn’t an investment banker so we could make the move with you. There just isn’t a lot of investment banks outside of the big smoke. I wonder why that is…!??!

    Beautiful little babies. They are going to be so happy. And their mumma is too!!!! x

  3. You know what this means don’t you? Now you’ve got a big house you must have another babe. 2 kid families are so passe especially in the country! 😉

    That second photo is bee-ewtiful! x

  4. What gorgeous wee girls. Lovely photos. You won’t regret it, for all the benefits. Surely not. Listen to your heart, it knows 😉

  5. They’re so young that they may never remember their big city life. How lucky they are to have a mummy who was recorded all of these precious moments so that they can look back on it one day.

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