WRR (weekend refund required)

I’m not going to come on here and complain about the weekend that just passed. Go on and on about how Daisy was sick almost the entire time with a stomach bug or something that meant she was on the toilet the whole time (including both nights as well) because hey, it would have been much worse being her, being in the pain and being upset about it. Poor little thing broke my heart approximately 637 times saying things like “I’m so sorry Mama” or “don’t laugh at me” or “when will this get better? How many more weeks will it be like this?” And when she finally started to feel better yesterday so we ventured out into the world to a friend’s kids b’day party it was just cruel to explain that in fact she could not eat those cupcakes there. Or fairy bread. Or when we got to my Mum’s place that platter of antipasto delights that she loves oh so much.

And there is absolutely no way I am going to sigh loudly about the fact that this morning she has gone down a snake, has pains again and was back to the toilet. Or that she looks terrible and exhausted and pale and awful. No point really.
Nor mention the fact that I too was sick with a cold all weekend that has left me with laryngitis or something so I sound like Madge Bishop on a bad day (and that’s saying something).
How about we just suck it up and head to the doctors this morning and get it sorted out? Yep. Sounds like a plan to me.

I will say that the sun shone brightly yesterday and we all got to sit in it in our backyard and soak it up together. I will tell you that on Saturday I went and had a lovely lunch with my gals and my mother in law at a fabulous cafe in Birchgrove. That we had the tastiest crispy skin chicken from the Happy Chef in Newtown that makes my heart sing and taste buds oh so happy for lunch yesterday and some of the spiciest, yummiest Thai for dinner on Friday night. And that we had 18 groups through on Saturday afternoon looking at the house which was about 15 more than I thought we would get given that the election was on. That despite all the sickness we got to catch up with some friends yesterday afternoon at a lovely harbour side park then at my Mum’s place in the evening.

And I most surely will say that I am sorry to my long suffering husband who I told to ‘piss off’ when he came down last night when Harper was awake for no reason to help me and all I wanted to be doing was sleeping. That was just plain mean and nasty. Sorry.
Perhaps we will just move on, because you know what? There will most definitely be another weekend coming up soon enough.


  1. Things will get better soon & partners do understand sometimes we snap at them for no real good reason then we are tired or sick ourselves (((( Hugs ))))

  2. Oh you poor love. Hope you’re all feeling better soon, though the Madge Bishop voice sounds like it could be a keeper!

    I can relate as I’ve had two kids who have been sick at night, but seem to have miraculous recoveries every morning. I’m exhausted and snappy this morning.

    Hope the doctor sorts everything out.

  3. Get well soon Daisy xx

  4. I L.O.V.E the concept of a Weekend Refund….who would we speak to do you think?
    x Felicity

    Hope all are up and running around with pink cheeks and big smiles soon.

  5. I can so relate to this!! I get snappy with my husband too sometimes especially when I’m dog tired. As you say next weekend will be much more mellow I’m sure xx

  6. Thank goodness for sunshine. I hope the poo shooting has stopped now, poor Daisy and poor Daisy’s bottom.

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