What the plate says…

I had a hair appointment yesterday. Those that follow me on twitter would already know this, and those that are my ‘friends’ on Facebook would also know. I was contemplating a pixie cut (thanks to Emma Watson and her delightful transition) but as my Mum said to me (because she heard it on the View so it must be true) “you have to BE a pixie to pull off a Pixie”. A pixie, I am NOT (as my post yesterday would prove). So I then thought, how about Michelle Williams at Cannes earlier this year? Yes, yes that would do nicely.

So off I trotted to my trendy hairdresser in Newtown (and picked up this fabulous little plate along the way – isn’t it just DELIGHTFUL? I have others too…will post them soon) and explained what I was after. She kind of smiled and nodded but didn’t really seem to get what I was saying…I have always given her LOTS of leeway to do what she wants because I mean it’s just hair – it will grow back – and why not do something a little different? Life’s too short right?! The cut went OK and then the colour, well, the foils went on the top and then because the underneath was SO short she had to bleach it to lighten it. And when that was washed out, well it was ORANGE. I think I may have tweeted that I looked like a Lesbian Pixie Ranga. NOT a good look. Now, I am no princess, and rarely say anything to my hairdresser (even when she gets out the clippers to give me a 1987 undercut), but I almost cried. It was awful. AWFUL. And the worst part was that I was running late. I had to get back to my Mum’s (who had been minding the girls for me all day) so she could go out and then I was meant to get the girls fed, bathed and ready for bed for a sleepover at my Mum’s because Rob and I were actually going out for once. And we NEVER go out. Well not together at the same time. SO I was crying in the chair and looking at the clock FREAKING out. I called poor Rob who had to leave work early to go and mind the girls while Mum went out for an appointment she couldn’t miss. And I sat there and tried to fix it up. She tried to dye the underneath again…and yet still…orange. I was NOT happy. By now I had been at the hairdressers for 4.5 hours (!) and had decided that I couldn’t go out – that Rob could go without me because I looked like a FREAK – and when she did it AGAIN…it was a little better. But dark. A little racoony. But it had to do I couldn’t handle sitting in that chair any longer.
So. I rushed back to my Mum’s place whereby Rob and Mum both told me to get a grip, get dressed and go out. So I did. And no one laughed at me. Well to my face at least.
Without further adieu, I give you, the lesbian (post ranga) Pixie cut. Although the result is more like Punk rocker pixie gone astray. On an almost 33 year old mother of two. I know. I KNOW. Just laugh and spit your coffee out, compose yourself and lie to me and tell me it’s not that bad. That it’s actually quite cool. That you wish you had the guts to do something like that. That I am totally pulling it off. That I should totally get it cut like this all the time. That the more you look at it, the more awesome it gets.

Lie people. Lie.


  1. Sorry I can’t have a ginga in my bridal party….

  2. I can soooooo relate to the ranga part. I too would NOT leave until the hairdresser fixed it up. For what it is- I sure as hell couldn’t pull it off but you most certainly can xx

  3. I was expecting something much much worse as I scrolled down.
    I think it looks hot. and the ranga looks more like a warm caramel than ranga ranga.
    I DO wish I could pull something like that off but am way too scared to cut my hair.
    I have also spent 5 hours in a “salon” crying over an “ash blonde” incident. Looked effing grey to me actually and I had just turned 30 and had a baby and was not feeling at all pretty. stupid colourist.
    anyway – you look hot.

  4. Looks great!
    I wish I had the guts to do something like that.. My hair is so boring..

  5. I’m more amused by the look on your face than by the hair. This is the look I get from Cate when I tell her to finish her sandwich.

    For the hair? RELAX! I really believe you are pulling it off!! The color looks fine.

  6. You, and only you, are carrying it off. Maybe not necessarily to the average passer-by {but who cares about them!}. I think it does look rather fabulous. Like Toushka, the further I scrolled the worse I was expecting {particularly as i sneaked and checked it out on my phone while I was out riding… I know – I’m one of those people now…}.

    Anyway, you’re nearly 33, not 43 – man, that’s old and nowhere near capable of pulling off such a radical look!

  7. PS: The plate! LOVE the plate!!

  8. Brilliant story. I’ve cried many a time at the hair salon.

    Your hair looks wikkid! I’m cutting off my locks in a few weeks. I’m over wearing it in a bun / ponytail.

    PS: Where did you get the plate from? I want, I want!

  9. alright, i’ll admit it is a little, um, short; but in a week {or two} it is going to look unbelievably good, and you will LOVE IT!

  10. I think the colour looks good and the cut actually suits your face. I give my h/dresser heaps of leeway too. I think you’ll love it in a few weeks when the bottom section has a chance to grow a little and it feels a bit more “lived in.” xxxx

  11. It’s one of those “2 weeks and it will be bloody awesome haircuts”. All those little strands of hair just have to get over the trauma of the ranga dye and relax. You are lucky that you have a lovely elfin face and can pull this of- I’d look like Bert Newton with a pixie cut.

  12. I’m with the braveness of going for it and then posting about it honestly!

    I can’t bring myself to get anything radical done to mine due to a past very bad experience. So I applaud you!

  13. NOT that bad! I think it suits your face, and you have cute little pixie ears too.

    I had short pixie hair once. Never again. Pixie I am not.

  14. I went short ages ago – a little longer than yours but I liked it – Is it what you wanted? I think it suits the shape of your face nicely 🙂

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