Weekend Whir

I am quite tempted to throw my very own three old tantrum at the sheer prospect of it being Monday this morning. It JUST WON’T DO. Anyway. Sheesh. Blah. Gah.

The weekend was a blur of trips to the hospital, cleaning, barking at the kids (and Rob. Actually especially Rob), dealing with a whiny baby and did I mention cleaning?
Friday early evening I headed over to RNS Emergency to see a poor friend who had been suffering from terrible headaches and had to have a lumber puncture to relieve the pressure BUT then had a terrible reaction to the puncture and was SO very sick. A (worse) headache, throwing up every 30 mins or so for 24 hours +. Honestly, the poor petal. I had terrible flashbacks to when I delivered Harper and had a similar reaction to my epidural (without the throwing up bit) and an ER room is just one of the worst places in the world is it not? Anyway, we left there at midnight when she finally got some rest and by the time I dropped my sis home and then walked in the door it was closer to 1am (especially after Daisy woke when I came in and wanted FULL reporting on all aspects of the hospital, and whether I held the bucket when KK had to ‘bomit’ etc).
Saturday morn we were up and at it out the door to drop Harper to my sisters place for the morning so I could clean without a baby underfoot wanting my attention. Then spent the morning in a whurring frenzy of cleaning products, and clean windows and mopping and cleaning. Anyway, the final product was one VERY clean house (which regardless of an open house or not is a very nice thing to have). We had quite a few groups through but not as many as the agent was hoping for. I am trying not to read too much into anything and go with the flow with it all. I might have a better idea of what everyone thought by this afternoon.
Yesterday we popped over to the hospital again for another visit, this time WITH Daisy who was just about as excited as she could be about anything (I think hospitals are quite the interesting place for a 3 year old), then we headed down to Elkington Park in Balmain in the afternoon for a play in the park, and some fish and chips in the sunshine.
It was a great weekend – aren’t they all – but I would like a refund on the amount of time spent with all 4 of us together. We will get plenty of that soon enough right?!


  1. I think I’m going to start pretending I have an Open House scheduled so I have an excuse for a clean and tidy house filled with fresh flowers. I’ll probably toast my success at the end of each one with a fine bottle of French bubbles…

    Hope your friend’s feeling better – sounds horrendous. xx

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