To market, to market

What a weekend! Last night when I put my feet up and had a well deserved beer I felt quite proud of all our achievements…in such a short time too. The house is well and truly de-cluttered and doesn’t look too kid/family like. We are ready to go for the first open house on Saturday afternoon. The sign is going up out the front first thing tomorrow and we are now live & up online….eeek! We saw our solicitor this morning finalising the contract etc and the whole process has made me woozy – and we haven’t even started yet!

Just had to share this shot that has been used in the ‘campaign’. Because…well it looks SO tidy. And neat. And like no kids live here. It makes ME want to live there, I mean here, or wherever this dream house is that kind of likes like mine but not really cause WHERE IS EVERYTHING?!
I have some advice for you all…at no extra cost this Monday afternoon. Pretend like you are going to put your place on the market. Look at it through the eyes of a buyer and do all those things you just don’t get around too: replace the globes. Clean the windows. De-clutter your bedside table, clean the outside windows. All of a sudden your place will look new and shiny once again and you may just fall in love all over again…why didn’t we do this sooner has been uttered too many times this past weekend. So do it. I mean we look after everything else, why not our house?
And for the love of sweet baby cheeses can someone PLEASE buy this house and look it and care for it as much as we have? Mkay?
Shit. Are we really doing this? Here goes nothing….!


  1. wow – I love that house. I’m pretty sure I could make it look like a mess within 5 minutes… but it looks so pretty.

    good tip about pretending to put the house on the market. might have to try that. Not that I own the house though… It will be realllly pretending.

  2. Wow Beth the house looks AH-mazing. A million bucks, even! Congrats on the whole moving from the city…as a family that just did that (well, 6 months ago) it has really changed our lives for the better. Space! Fresh air! NO TRAFFIC! You guys’ll love it.

  3. The house looks gorgeous Beth. Amazing what a bit of elbow grease can do. I am so sad you are leaving the hood, but so happy for you guys that you are embarking on a new adventure. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed that someone snaps it up quickly and pays you a fortune! K xx

  4. The house looks fantastic hun!

    Good luck with the open houses too. They can be daunting, can’t they!

    My apartment currently looks like Tempe Tip, but I’m really not fussed this week. I need a kick in the pants pronto!


  5. The house looks great. I like your idea of ‘pretending’ to sell because when we sold up in the inner west 2 years ago all I could think was ‘if only we’d done this to the house when we actually lived here!’. I’m going to take your advice. x

  6. This is a terrific post and inspiring too as we are about to launch into ‘Campaign Sell Your Home’ very soon.
    x Felicity

    PS after having seen your comments and blog mentioned on many blogs that I follow I’m glad to finally stop by and look forward to receiving regular updates as your newest follower.

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