Things I fancy this Thursday

There have been a few things this week that have taken my fancy. Me losing my voice for 2 days and sounding like Madge Bishop? Nup. The sickness that would just not go away from Daisy? Notsomuch. The whiny, clingy baby that goes from the world is going to end screaming to happiest babe in the world the moment she is picked up. Ah, funnily enough, NO.

These pretty roses next to my bed have certainly made me happy though. Look at the colour! Look at the way they are sitting in this lovely round vase. Look at the petals. Oh how I love me some fresh flowers – especially when they look as good as these do. Now if only they were the first things to see when I wake in the morning…shame it’s pitch black out there…Daisy has been waking at 5.30am for weeks now….sigh…

The pile of magazines that sit in our book case that have been ordered by date issue by my husband. He thought it would make all the difference to the open houses. It just makes me giggle every time I look at it. But that giggle reminds me why I love Rob the way that I do, and that most certainly tickles my fancy.

My new key ring that I purchased this week from the toy shop. I couldn’t stand the fact that my keys were just that – keys hanging on a plain ring because my last 2 key rings were ruined my Harper and Daisy, in that order. So here is a little pig, because I am a pig. I love pig. AND he makes an oinky sound when you squeeze him and his nose lights up so you can see the keyhole should you be coming home in darkness. Yes. Yes indeed.
This fast Asian chicken noodle soup we had for dinner one night this week. It literally took me under 10 mins to throw together. I cheated and used a charcoal chicken that I shredded the meat from…but…it is as easy as throwing into a saucepan a litre of chicken stock, fresh ginger and garlic grated on the micro plane, some fresh red chilli’s, bokchoy, a splash of soy and fish sauce and noodles. Once it all comes to a boil throw in the chicken then turn off. Sprinkle with fresh shallots and it is hot to go. And delicious. And easy. And did I mention fast? My kind of cooking.
And after looking at my fridge yesterday I am going to be needing this one. For the new house. Thank you very much. The end.


  1. Mmm that chicken noodle soup looks so yum. And sounds so easy! And that fridge is AWESOME x

  2. Those roses are devine!

    And I’ve used shredded bbq chicken in dishes like that before, I like it!

    Also, that SMEG fridge is awesome! A friend has one in white and it’s very cool indeed.


  3. I need to make me that soup.

    You need to buy you that fridge.

    That is all.

    PS: date-organised mags: love!

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