Stuff and bits and that and, ah, stuff

My head is frazzled-bo-dazzled at the moment. I am all over the place – scattered and here, but not really. I fear this post may be a little the same.

: The AUCTION sign just went on the front of our house. Which has completely freaked me out. I mean I knew that we were selling this house, I had seen it online, I have been working like a maniac to get it ready and yet, somehow with that sign up, it’s all real now. It seems that this woozy feeling in the pit of my stomach will be with me for the next 4 weeks at least, or until someone buys this place. Awesome.
: It appears that I am buying winter clothes at a rapid rate the moment. Every time I near a clothes store I find myself in there, trying to get end of season bargains because next year it will well and truly be used. It will be a PROPER winter where a coat will not only be required but necessary. Today I bought a new jumper and coat. Expensive habit this, thank god there will only be spring attire available soon enough.
: I threw some extra money at my cleaner this morning (well, not actually threw and gee that makes me sound like a queen wanker which I don’t think I am…) but, I left an extra 20 for my cleaner with a note saying that we were selling the house and having our first open house this Saturday and would he mind throwing a little more elbow grease in and BY GOD who knew a little extra cash would provide so much? He MOVED THE COUCH and mopped BEHIND it. And in doing so, uncovered a collection of random shit that was left in a little (neat) pile for me to go through. I quickly chucked the lot out because clearly we haven’t missed it and everything has it’s place now and where would I put it?! As I said, nervous crazy woman has taken me over. But people! The clean! THE CLEAN! Now if no one moves till Saturday afternoon…
: We still haven’t exchanged on the new country house but will do so tomorrow. I know – it’s been almost 2 weeks! But, it seems in the country that they move. A. Little. Slower. I am sure this is something I will get used to right? And they are just taking our word for it that we said we would buy it, so we will. Honour hey? The one thing that is holding up the exchange? Details on the septic tank. It cracks me up that we are actually moving to the country. What are we doing?!


  1. Oh, the pile of crap behind the couch – is there ever a more miscellaneous conglomeration? I’m with you – didn’t know it existed so am happy to throw it out.

    PS: Squeeeeeee!

  2. This made me want to move my couch….then I did… I got scared….I moved it back. Welcome to the country – septic tanks let you know you are really rural!

  3. Queen Wanker LOL

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