Save the Date

Remember my little sis is getting married? I remember. I remember every day when I look down at the tide of flesh that used to be my stomach pouring out the top of my jeans. That reminds me that in just 7 months time I HAVE to look fabulous, get rid of my flabby arms, bottom, thighs and stomach and despite my children sucking the very life out of me on a daily basis BE THE MAID I WAS BORN TO BE.

Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, the wedding. Ahem.
The wedding! It’s all moving along swimmingly. The wedding that is, my weight loss? Notsomuch. I tried, yesterday I really tried to start a week, just a week without carbs, just to get some weight shifted so I would be inspired to really focus when I saw a little result. 4 hours into the week and I was shovelling wholemeal fresh bread with BUTTER and vegemite into my mouth like my life depended on it. Let’s not even mention the lolly bags the kids got at a party yesterday that were hidden in the cupboard just so I could have the Furry Friend and NOT them. When will I FOCUS?!
I just had to share the Save the Date that my clever husband created for them that was emailed out to guests a week or so ago. My sister also created this clever website with links to accommodation, details of the weekend events, discussion boards…it’s all VERY exciting!

In my addiction of bridal blogs I have come across some fabulous Save the Date cards, and sort films etc, but this little movie poster is just the ticket.

Now, where are my sneakers? I need to get this arse MOVING.


  1. That’s so funny – I did EXACTLY the same yesterday (in my case I have school reunion coming up). I fell off the rail big time, but am starting again today… *sigh*!!

  2. oh I love that movie poster. nice work indeed.
    I’m thinking a deprivation diet is not going to work for you. Try stairs.
    and lite cream cheese has 60% less fat than butter – much better smeared on bread with vegemite.

  3. I started Monday off brilliantly too… right up until the six slices of toast with butter, peanut butter & honey!! what is with that?!?! must do better… maybe we should do a google online food diary together, and keep each other on the right track?

  4. The movie poster is fabulouso! This post totally tickled my funny bone (the maid I was meant to be… this could be a great autobiography title!!) Anyway, on your bike, literally. We got flesh to move!

    PS – of course I read your blog. All the time. Haven’t you noticed my pithy, insightful, relevant and carefully crafted comments scattered here and there!??!

  5. Awesome idea! I love this Save the Date. I often think I could have 10 (or more!) weddings to use up all the different ideas I fall in love with.

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