Point and Shoot

Sunday 22nd August 2010
10.45am @ home in bed

: One poor toddler who has been sick for 3(!) days with some sort of stomach bug. You can imagine how fun that has been.

: One sick Mama down with a cold after a looong couple of days of sickness (me and her) and yet another weekend of house inspections.
This is how I suggested we spend some time together. 101 Dalmatian’s on the laptop and me sleeping. Thanks to Rob for capturing my champagne parenting for your viewing pleasure!


  1. Parenting at its best if you ask me! You’re coping well under immense strain (and flow, the cold…) Rest up! x

  2. oh i feel for you! hope your household is on the mend…x

  3. Hey, I think that’s a pretty damn good compromise there.

    Hope you and the little one are feeling better soon x

  4. Oh I feel your pain! we have a house full of sickies here too. I would do this laptop in bed parenting too if Millar could stay still for more than 5 minutes.

    Hope you are all better soon.
    Change of seasons get us everytime.

  5. Love it. I’m sure we’ve all been in a similar situation to that one 🙂

    Hope you are all feeling better soon. Certainly a challenge with house inspections going on. All the best. Lou.

  6. oh poor thing!! we’ve had gastro here last week, it’s awful… but lots of cuddles is always nice

  7. I agree with everyone – great job of making the most out of crappy sickness. Hope your all on the mend xox

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