Point and Shoot

2.31pm Sunday 1st August 2010
One tired Mama (in desperate need for hair colouring) checking her emails

Prior to this brief moment of quiet today while both gals slept I:

: dropped off some borrowed baby stuff to a friends place
: dropped off 4 bags of goodies to Vinnies
: did the weekly grocery shop with 3 yr old in tow
: cleaned all windows in the house
: cleaned and de-cluttered the babies room
: cleaned and de-cluttered our room
: took 2 car loads of extra “kids stuff” to in laws place for storage
I had just asked Rob to do the ONE thing I have asked him to do today and he was stuffing around, being an idiot. I may or may not have said, just before this shot, “do it in the next 30 seconds or I will completely lose my shit”, and he got his phone took a photo and said “point & shoot! Playing along with FatmumSlim. Funny guy…


  1. Anonymous says

    So glad I’m not the only one who loses it at my husband like that!

    Am sure the house looks great after all your work. Well done!


  2. Im feeling super lazy after reading that!

  3. Did he at least look a little guilty as he snapped?

  4. Oh my what a busy weekend you had, I would have snapped with my husband was being like that.

  5. So funny! This is a mirror of my life!

  6. That Rob cracks me up.

    p.s. super impressed by your achievements this weekend!

  7. That is a really impressive amount of stuff to do, well done!

  8. Ooooh boys! They’ll always be boys. Grrr.

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