We headed out the door, like we do most afternoons, to the park. It was freezing. Windy. Clouds moving quickly. One minute sunshine, the next dark clouds with rain looming. I want to remember this park. These afternoons. The winter here, in the city.

: The swings and trying to teach Daisy how to do it herself
: The look of amazement, or joy from Harper as she spots a bird
: Big smiles just for me while her sister is distracted somewhere else
: The sound of those planes, the sound of home, ever constant overhead
: That pretty magnolia tree in full bloom in the late afternoon sun
: The basketball courts, always full of activity
: And that bubbler. That she couldn’t reach before. But now can.

And I know that there will be new parks. New trees, certainly prettier places than this, but…I am gonna miss this place.


  1. You’ve captured this big city moment beautifully for your girls to look back on and remember when.

  2. You won’t miss the planes, surely? We were in your new neck of the woods yesterday 🙂

  3. I spent the morning in the park with my girls and it was so magical that we returned in the afternoon after picking up their brother from school. Wherever you go, the park is there. You’ll find a new spot. But I know you’ll miss the airplanes as they are great at the park (just not great at your house, right?)

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