Months: Double digits

My baby! MY BEBEEEEEEEEEE! She is 10 months old today. I know. Hang on a minute….Sigh. Ok.

You know when you are feeling clucky and you think “I want a baby”? Well, what you are actually thinking is that you want a 10 month old baby. Or, more specifically, my 10 month old baby.
And why is my 10 month old baby so delightful? Here, let me count the {10} ways.
: She does not move. She sits still, most of the time (except for when she is crawling backwards) and the not moving is a good thing. A really good thing.
: She applauds my every move. Actually, any move. The kids likes to clap.
: The smile. That smile. That could light up the world if needed each time she sees you.
: The babbling chatter. The non stop chatter with little words scattered here and there.
: The wonder of just about everything – toes, wind, flowers, cars.
: The full mouth of 8 teeth. She smile is hilarious. She is a little Cheshire cat. Or kitten.
: The eating of everything. Without hassle. Without negotiation. Vegies? Sure, bring it!
: The pointing at everything. With babble added in for full effect.
: The hair. That sticks up just like her sisters did. And no, it’s no static from the wind, it’s just how my kids hair rolls.
: The sleeping (for now). Without saying anything to ruin said sleep, may or may not be good.
And I just had to put in this cranky crank crank face. Don’t you love how the teeth add effect? Me too.


  1. She is divine. Yes, I want a 10-month-old baby. Sure, your 10-month-old baby would be perfect!

    If we’re putting in orders, can I have a baby who sleeps through the night, is never cranky, loves driving in the car and will happily sit in a cafe or restaurant. Thanks!


  2. She is SO cute Beth!

    Happy 10 months to Harper.

    Sounds like an angel to me 😉


  3. Love!

  4. She is so beautiful!

    LOVE her hair! xx.

  5. Happy 10 months little Harper! She is a litte gem.

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