Mama minutes

: Harper has officially arrived at Frustration Station. Grrrreat. She has decided that she would like to move, crawl, whatever but has no strength, skill or know how to do either. So she is slightly, shall we say, pissed off. Mixed in with moments of pure delight and triumph as she figures something out. It is exciting to watch, but also daunting as I know that my still little lady happy to sit and clap and giggle, is almost over. My gals are slow to move – Daisy was 1 before she even crawled and 17 months before she walked, and I think Harper will be the same. I have to say, I likes it like that.
: The house sale is moving along. The mid week open inspection is officially the work of Satan and Satan only. I mean who the hell is going to look at an open house at 2pm on a Thursday? And yet still, it requires ALL the effort and cleaning and tiding to make it look just ‘so’, just in case ‘that’ buyer comes along and falls in love. 2 more weeks until the auction…and 4 more open houses to go. The coming home to a clean house and all the fresh flowers are nice though, but not nice enough to make the whole experience other than stressful and just plain nasty. I also now have a morbid fascination at watching Property shows. The ones with auctions and all, even though every time I watch them I throw up into my mouth just a little bit. Someone come and offer us lots of money prior to auction….mmmkay? Thanks.
: Daisy is OBSESSING and I mean OBSESSING about getting a pet. A cat. A dog. Anything. Every day she begs me. Then she asks nicely, then gets cranky and demands one, and then cries because she doesn’t have one. She spends (sometimes) hours a day pretending to be a dog, or a cat (including whiskers that HAVE to be drawn on with my eyeliner pencil) and I am here to tell you that a 3 yr old yapping is just about the most annoying sound ever. EVER. I have tried to explain that when we get to the country we can think about getting one…but realistically until we are really settled in, and aren’t back and forth to Sydney we can’t really get one. Can we? It seems that the fish Princess & Bruce are just not cutting the mustard anymore. Suggestions? Anyones? Pleases?
: My hair one week into the cut is looking a little less short. Funny that! Who knew? But I think that by 2 or 3 more weeks it may well be rocking. Watch this space. My breasts too, are perky as ever! LOVING the lift the new bras have given me. As my friend Chatty Cricket tweeted to me “Perky breasts at night, husband’s delight”. Shame Rob still never gets a look in…

: Yesterday was my final day at work. Well, not really day, it was more of a few hours doing a handover with the gal that took over my job. It was my last hurrah at heading into the city, getting dressed up, flashing a security pass at the doors and handing over corporate credit cards. While I am ‘officially’ on leave without pay for the next 6 months, it’s pretty clear that I won’t be going back (hello move to the country). So. That means just one thing. I am now a full time stay at home Mama. And I quite like how that sounds and feels on me.


  1. How about a hermit crab? Cheap, portable, non-messy and they can actually hold them.

    Sounds like everything is on the up (boobs included!).

    Love the pics of gorgeous Daisy.

  2. Bunnies are cute. So are guinea pigs.

    Yay for finishing work, woo!

    You have inspired me to go get measured for new bras. I’m terrified. I’ll let you know how I go. I hope there’s lots of prodding too 😉


  3. Oh, look at that adorable wee face – love these shots – and is Daisy’s hair curling more, or is it the after-effects of plaiting?

  4. Hello? You just HAVE to get a dog, you HAVE to! You are moving to the country afterall, it comes with the territory. How could you say ‘no’ to that face?

  5. How does this auction thing work? We don’t do anything like that.

    Also, YES YES YES on the house showing front. I have twitches if I think back to our June through September house showings. We had at least one showing a day, plus open houses, and I nearly lost my mind and killed my children in the process. Ugh.

    Wishing you lots of luck!

  6. No idea about pets. I avoid them at all costs, I’m really not looking forward to that stage.
    I’ve been there with the frustrated non-moving baby – but only for about a week. I hope it doesn’t drag too much for you, but it is nice having a little non-moving bubba isn’t it.
    Oh, and Nice Tits!

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