Mama minutes

: Daisy keeps going to pack her bags. Cause we are moving. And can’t quite understand why we are not moving just yet? Because I clearly got excited and said we were moving…? And it’s going to be months before we actually do move. Oh it must seem like a lifetime for a little lady…
: Harper is pointing at everything. Everything. And then grunting or squealing or chatting away as if to tell me what she is pointing at. It’s too sweet. I mean the little chubby finger, perfectly pointed out at show off, and the little chubby fingers all turned under the chubby pointer? Plainly and simply THE sweetest thing she has done. Perhaps ever. It even took the sting out of her drunken football player behaviour on Sunday morning when I was sure she was drunk. She was yelling out like a drunken babyman and pointing and then laughing and then screaming (loudly) but pointing and laughing. It was quite hilarious.
: Yesterday I braved the full weekly shop with BOTH gals in tow. Which should be no big deal, but I have rarely done it so I was a little wary. But we did it! The supermarket AND the fruit and veg shop AND Bakers Delight. I was high fiving myself when we got back home and unpacked. The best bit though? When we were packing the groceries into bags at the supermarket and Daisy sat there on the bench watching while Harper sat at the front of the trolley (pointing at everything) and squealing. Daisy welcomed everything as it made it into the bag “Welcome sausages!” “Welcome to the trolley PAPER TOWEL!”. It was very funny. And when I laughed, properly laughed at her, she was inspired to go on…and on…with more and more gusto and volume. Until it wasn’t so funny anymore.
: Could it even be possible that Harper is working on her 15 month (!) molars? She already has the 8 teeth that she *should* get by the time she is 12 months and according to BabyLove the 15 month molars are the next in line. But really? 15 months at 9 months? Can this happen? And can someone please pass me the gin? The teething has been whiny and dribbly and messy and we are a loooong way off getting any actual teeth action. Hold me.
: Harper slept through the night last night. I know in writing this down, that it will not ever happen again , ever, but I mean c’mon, I just HAD to share? 9.5 months old and she sorted that shit OUT. Sure, for one night, but details people, details. SHE DID IT. I think I got an actual stretch of 7 hours last night (before Daisy woke with a nightmare at 4am) and then back to sleep for another hours after that. Holy shit. I should be able to conquer the world today. Watch this space…


  1. How gorgeous and clever is Harper?!

    Here’s to many more full night’s of sleep, then Harper can come teach my kids the art of kipping! x

  2. Wow – a full night’s sleep! So happy for you. And oh, bless the little pointing…

  3. Excellent news on the full nights sleep. It makes you feel normal again!

    And well done on the shop front, with 2 babes in tow. Woo!


  4. A full night! God I would kill for that.. I think we managed 5 hours straight last night for our harper although I was woken to Byrons nightmares..
    How cute is the pointing! I love it.. My Harper too points at everything!!

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