I heart dinner

Just your regular mid week dinner ’round these parts. A simple pasta thrown together with whatever was in the fridge and cupboard. In this instance – a little red onion, garlic, bacon, cherry toms, chili and olives and a splash of white wine to de glaze and add flavour. And some pasta. But not just any pasta. Heart pasta! How could I resist for my little Valentine?

But the funniest thing about the pasta was the little label with all the info on the pasta. I would usually not even throw a second glance at this, but take a look for yourself…

I suppose you could give the pasta as a gift and then choose the most appropriate box to tick? Sure, let me send you warm greetings! No worries. Let me congratulate you! With pasta? Gee, thanks. Let me send you lots of luck! Let me marry you?! Let me help you! Let me take care of that? What exactly, can the pasta take care of? Besides feeding you that is?

Who knew some cheap pasta from Aldi could do so much?


  1. I’m curious to find out exactly how many men got the tip to engage from that packet of pasta??

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