Fridge chronicles: August

I was reading this post from the fabulous Maxabella this morning, and it tickled my fancy, so I thought I might just play along. I’m good like that. My report cards always said that I played well with others.

So. Here is what my fridge looks like this month. It is symptomatic of the fact that we are in the process of trying to sell our house. My fridge, like everything else around me, has been de-cluttered, de-personalised for the open houses. But I had to have something on there. And this card that we received from a dear friend in London when Harper was born fills the space perfectly. I love it. I love all of it (the card that is, not the fridge, the fridge needs to GO!)

And the other magnets? Well, I found them on the footpath outside our house on the day we moved in. I thought it a sign at the time. A good sign that this was house was filled with LOVE. MAN. Or a man who loves? Or MAN LOVE? Eeeek….actually, I never thought of it like that. In any case…there is love! And there has been plenty of that filled in over the past 3 years.

Let’s just hope that someone else takes as much care of it as we have. And loves it. And buys it. I really hope someone buys it.
Why not play along too? Go on over and linky up! And I promise that next month it will be FAR more interesting. Promise.


  1. You know what your new house needs? A fabulously gorgeous fridge. Probably a Smeg…

  2. Thank you thank you for joining in the Chronicles. I wish my fridge was as clear and lovely as yours! love that card… what a great friend!! x

  3. LOVE the words! what an omen, I wonder will you find more outside your new house and what might they say? Maybe — COLD BEER?

  4. Oh wow, your fridge looks so nice and clean and clear! I know you say it is becuase you are moving but i love a bit of clutter free furniture!

    Followed your link over from Maxabella’s fridge chronicles…Cute post!

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