{Fond} Memory Lane

In these times of poo, yes the poo is still here. Yes, I did take her to the Doctor who said that it just seems like a “nasty” virus and will take up to a week to get better. Well, I am staring down the barrel at day 6 and I have this to say to that “nasty” virus: YOU BETTER GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER (literally) BY TOMORROW OR THERE WILL BE TROUBLE.

Where was I? Oh yes, in these times of sickness all round I have found myself lost in the pictures file on my computer. I am hopeless at getting photos developed these days, as in I never do it. So to distract myself I went and organised all my photos and worked out which ones I wanted to get printed, which ones enlarged, and envisioned a stylish display in the new house. The whole job is a very large one, bigger than I had the concentration for, so I just stuck to the main shots that made my heart sing. The ones that are the shots over the past few years. There were many, here are just 2, for you (but mostly just for me) to once again remember. And distract from the illness, the ever constant illness in this house of ill. Ness.

They were taken at the top of the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre on a very cold early morning just before Christmas in 2008. What a trip. What a morning. It is well and truly etched into my heart that morn. It’s funny how you can remember every detail of some days. The weather – the feel of the cold wind on your cheeks, the smell of the wet ground. The sounds of the people (or in this case the lack of – we had the place to ourselves). The warmth of the Basilique when we took turns to walk in. Daisy – her wonderment – that matched ours for a change.

In mornings like this one, that are filled with poo, and snapping and pushing babies over (Daisy not me, although it pushes me over…the edge) and over tiredness, it’s nice to remember that I won’t recall this one. At all.


  1. Loving your perspective[s].
    The one that you chose to take the gorgeous Parisian photos and the one that you are choosing today to shoo the poo memories away!
    x Felicity

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