Birthday Breakdown

I had a lovely day. A quiet day, but a lovely day. It was one of those perfect August days. Sun shining. The air a little warmer. A strong wind blowing. Typical of the days around here in the month that I love. The trees are all in bud, just waiting to burst into bloom. Expectation is all around.
My morning saw me do 4 (!) loads of washing to take full advantage of sunshine and wind as well as trip to Woollies. Glamorous! Then the girls and I headed to the local pub for lunch – because if no one was going to take me out, well, I decided it best to take myself out. And order champagne while I was there! Surely not a good look on an early Monday afternoon…but whatevs! Then, when we got home, I got my best every birthday pressie – both children slept! Must have been all that champagne I plied them with 😉 At the same time! For at least 40 mins! Now that’s a good present is it not?
The rest of the afternoon was spent dealing with a hormonal 3 year old who was NOT happy that it was my birthday, and went about trying to make me know it. In every way possible. Including my all time favourite line of the day (in response to me telling her we were having lamb shanks for dinner that simmered away on the stove ALL day) ” I can’t wait to NOT eat your chickensssssss!”. So there.
Some Moet was drank. Some dinner was had (and I can assure you that the chickens were in fact delicious AND consumed by devil incarnate). I had a lovely day. And I feel very lucky indeed.
Here are a few of the goodies that I received:

This FABULOUS cushion that I bought for myself, as well as the new quilt cover. What can I say? I like colour!

A FAB Guest book! For our new country home! Quite hilarious. As well as a vegie garden book that will come in handy and my new season of Curb. LOVE Larry.
And! AND! A new watch from Rob. A DKNY watch nonetheless that I LOVE. Is it a bracelet? Is it a watch? YOU decide…And why yes, that is 2 glasses of champagne in the background.
And here is the chickennnsss that Daisy couldn’t wait to NOT eat. The shanks bubbled away for most of the day and were as delicious as they smelt. With creamy mash? Perfection!
I also received a few new bits and pieces for our new country home AND a cookie stamper with HOME MADE imprinted on it. Best get me baking…!
So thank YOU for all your kind wishes for little old me…I feel very lucky indeed. Who knows what the year ahead will bring for us. Challenges no doubt, but much happiness and many, many good times I am SURE. And like the card my brother gave me said:

If you do not change direction
You will end up where you are going

Lao Tzu
*clink* to that!


  1. That looks fabulous and just what I would have planned minus the ‘chickennnns’.

    Show the cookie cutter!!

    Aaaand if you have any birthday loot best you get Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Companion – K?


  2. Wowsers! Sounds like the perfect birthday to me!

    I keep meaning to tell you, every time I read your blog I ending up singing to myself: “Lives in a house, a very big house in the country.”


  3. Wow Beth, you did get spoiled.

    I love that you took yourself to lunch, well done girl!

    Curb Your Enthusiasm is brilliant, isn’t it. Although the language can be offensive at times 😉

    Have a great week,


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