Town escape (take 2)

A cheeky opportunity to chase some dreams came up on the weekend…so we did just that. Dream. But properly dream. Like dream in the flesh, not just over the net. I know. I KNOW. Have we gone mad?!

It was a great night away and 2 days – we left 8.30am Saturday morning and got home lunch time today. We saw some amazing countryside. And towns. And houses. And scenery. Much to ponder on. Much to think about. Much to everything about. I know. You don’t need to say anything.
But. Saturday night saw us only be able to get a room at a cheap roadside motel. Due to the fact that we decided on a whim and it being school holidays and all that. Actually, we managed to secure the ‘Family Suite’ and for $120 I knew that this was not going to be the fanciest of places. And I was thankfully not completely freaked out by it. It was clean. Nice and warm with fluffy towels and all that you would expect from a country roadside motel – the sounds of trucks on the highway. The compulsory alarm clock built into the besser block walls. The kettle and small long life milks. The shower that trickled out (very hot) water. But Daisy? Daisy was SO impressed. In fact, I think she had the best over night stay she has EVER had ever. We were all in the one room. She had a desk for her colouring in. We were all together. The gal, it seems, is easy to please.

And I think that there is a lesson in there that I really need to start to listen to. The gods, the earth, the powers that be, they are telling me/us something. It’s just about time we start to listen.


  1. So very true. Kids know how to knock it back to simplicity and what works don’t they?

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