Summer daze

After a loooong day at work frantically trying to get through everything before I finish up, then dealing with a baby that seems to be teething, or whinging about something and everything, an overtired toddler who was ROTTEN after a day of daycare who incidentally has 7 kids who have NITS so she has to be treated too (even though we don’t have them….yet…) I got an email. From my brother. Who has just returned back from Croatia after a 4 week break.

I trawled through his photos and sucked them in like a breath of fresh, summery air. I just had to share some with you. Be ready to be taken to your happy place for the day. That’s OK, no need to thank me…

Only 2 years until we will be packing up the gals and heading over ourselves.

And breathe….


  1. Gorgeous place. We stopped there briefly on our way to Montenegro about 2 years ago. So pretty…

  2. Oh lordy, so damned beautiful. Those fish and crustaceans on the bbq – damn!

  3. I’ve heard mixed reports about Croatia but would still like to see it for myself.

    Gorgeous pics hun.

    My holiday wishlist currently consists of Japan, New Zealand, Vietnam, and Denmark!

  4. It just so happens that Split, Croatia is the number one place I want to visit overseas(is that where they were?) so, thank YOU- I’m inspired…

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