Retro Roadtrip

Saturday saw our little family on (another) road trip. That’s right, this is the third weekend in a row that we have packed up and headed overnight somewhere different. Luckily our destination wasn’t too far away…and certainly worth the trip.

But! Our accommodation. Wow. Last weekend we stayed in a delightful highway side motel that Daisy loved. LOVED with a passion of a thousand burning suns. And this weekend? Well, she was NOT let down.
1982 called and wants it’s chintzy, gaudy, country manor motel back.
And Daisy was in HEAVEN. Rob and I? Hysterics. But Daisy? Oh my. As I said “This is…(and I was about to say hilarious when Daisy said in all honesty and before I could say anything) AMAZING Mum.” And she meant it.
These photos do NO justice. Note to self: charge the freaking batteries on the digital SLR so you can start to take half way decent photos Beth. But you get an idea. Sort of.
This is the {fake} bonsai with real rocks on a real doily on our coffee table in the (tiled) rest area of the Family Suite. Yep, you read that right. Rest area. Family suite. Should have been family sweet…

And here are but 2 of the porcelain figurines that were dotted around the room, I mean suite. Daisy played with them all. It was like a Grandmas house – but some dream grandma that Daisy does not know exists, that decorates her house like grandmas used to. Or something.

Yes. You see right. That would be our DRESSING table. Actually joint dressing table, for unpacking your clothes? Things? Stuff into? With some more, you guessed it, porcelain figurines. These ducks actually slept with Daisy. Yep. In her bed.
Looking over to the tiled rest area..
And then BACK to the lounge area. With TV cabinet. And more figurines. Placed all nice like. Around the….TV. Suite…!
And the best thing? They were celebrating Christmas in July so the foyer/reception/restaurant was fully decked out like Christmas. With cheap Christmas decorations, tinsel, stockings, trees and pretend life size Santa’s.
A three year old’s fantasy land come to life.
You can’t say we haven’t taken Daisy anywhere fancy


  1. My gal would have LOVED it too. In our recent holiday house she couldn’t stop commenting on how her room really needed ‘a little wardrobe’. She filled out the comment form when we left, helpfully noting that the house was beautiful, but the third bedroom could really do with a wardrobe…

    There’s nothing better than looking at life through a child’s eyes is there?

    However, I’ll take 80s country over some of the electric blue, on turquoise, on peacock blue numbers we’ve stayed in over the years. Sometimes blue ain’t so restful.

  2. Oh my goodness! That’s hilarious.

    Lacey would have loved it too.

    I think I probably would have vomited! Eek. x

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