Point and Shoot

Saturday 10th July 2010 @ 4.40pm
Roadside Country Motel

Complete with old school bedside alarm clock built into timber laminate bedhead.

Nice one.


  1. Oooooh! I’m very curious! Country Roadside Hotel? On your way to look at property in the country?? x

  2. Noice.

  3. that is super cool.
    You could put your coffee on that.
    I do like the timber veneer. classy.
    so – motel…. dirty weekend?
    I don’t feel that question is too prying after reading your 50 lists *blush*.

  4. Thats pretty Old Skool 😉

  5. Hubby and I always take photos of the mediocre art in cheap hotels when we stay away from each other. And then we laugh about it later.

    That clock put a smile on my dial. Get it? Dial. Oh gosh balls. I need to go to bed! x

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