Yesterday afternoon I attempted my first ever pizza base from scratch. I had some special OO Italian pizza flour from the fruit and veg shop, semolina and yeast and thought why not? Surely I can do it!

So Daisy helped me. First port of call was Frills in the Hills to get her recipe. Her website has the BEST recipes. They make sense. They are easy to follow. And guaranteed to be tasty. So we whipped up the dough (although I don’t have a kitchen aid so I just made a well, used a fork to incorporate the wet into the dry and then kneaded with my own (pioneer woman) hands. And some chubby 3 year old hands to help me out too. Daisy had her own dough which had to go into her own bowl. Her dough was somewhat “tweaked” as only a 3 year old gal would tweak. We left the dough to rise next to the heater and went down to the park.

When we got home the dough had doubled, we rolled them out and made up the pizzas. We had basic ingredients – pepperoni, tomato (the just organics pasta sauce from Aldi makes for the most perfect sauce in my humble and cheap opinion), mozzarella and basil (but is there a better combination anyway?) and trotted them out on the pizza stone, one after another. Daisy made her own and proceeded to eat it all.

Delicious. Well not exactly my cup of tea, but delicious I was informed.

Yep. That’s right. That’s a PINK pizza base. Pink food colouring was added in to her dough. Nice one.


  1. I’m with Daisy – everything’s better when it’s pink!

  2. I know how I’m going to get Lady to eat- TURN HER FOOD PINK.

    Genius. I love your little Daisy.

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