Oh hai there…!

Last night these two…oh these two! They were giggly. In bed together. Not wanting to sleep. Hilarious. Excited to be together. Delicious.

And how on earth could I be anything other than amazed that I am their mother. That Rob and I made these two. Sheesh…

Here’s to a better weekend than last. Here’s to no further ears to be perforated. Hope YOU have a great one!


  1. Beautiful.

    Enjoy your weekend with your lovely, lovely, lovely family xx

  2. Perfect little pets!!

  3. Delicious. I love them!

  4. Oh sweetness personified. Fingers crossed for a lovely relaxing weekend!

  5. What gorgeous gals!

  6. So gorgeous.

    I hope times like this make you smile for a longer period than the other times have had you crying (or shouting, or inwardly screaming in frustration etc etc).

    I love reading your posts, Beth, and I hope you get some good supportive vibes through the ether as you ponder your life at the mo.

  7. squeeeeee! now i really want another bub

  8. There’s nothing better than a moment that gives you a helicopter view of your life and makes you feel blown away by what you’ve got….
    Have a wonderful weekend…and I’m so excited for the changes that are bubbling away for you

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