Luckiest Man Alive

I know this man. Someone I want to thank today. I just know you would love him too, given the chance to have a natter with him. He is funny. Smart. Just about the smartest person I know. Charming and one hell of a character. He loves a good time. A good meal. A good wine. A good laugh. He loves to be surrounded by people, life of the party, centre of attention. And yet I am pretty sure he is most happy when he is alone, on his veranda, having a quiet moment. Taking stock of his life, his achievements with a smoke and a glass of red. He is a caring man. With a heart of gold. Whilst, no doubt, he has his faults like we all do, his spirit is true. Loving. Kind. Generous.
And today I want to say how very lucky I feel to have him in my life. Not for all that is given, but for all that he is. And all that he means to me. To our family.

Man finds love in his life

He’s the luckiest man alive
Someone true by his side
He’s the luckiest man alive
Once you cut right through
His foolish pride
He’s the luckiest man alive

Finn Brothers


  1. A beautiful post! x

  2. I love the Finn Brothers and I LOVE that song.


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