Lemons, lemonade

Ah…the weekend. The weekend we had planned for many, many months. The extra, cheeky long weekend. Well, it didn’t *quite* go to plan. It wasn’t *quite* what we hoped for. This snap says it all…

We had one miserable little lass on our hands. Late last week I tweeted to the world things like “surely it’s not possible to get another ear infection whilst on antibiotics right? RIGHT?!” But it seems you can. And we did. Poor Harper got ANOTHER perforated eardrum and had gooey, oozing ears. She was sad. She did NOT sleep. And on Saturday morning when I was desperately driving around town looking for a doctor and was eventually told go to Nowra hospital we decided to pack up. Head home. Go to our ER and get some freaking sleep. And drugs. And maybe gin. And Xanax. In that order.

So whilst it didn’t go to plan. And was cut short. We still had a great time while we were there. In between the drama. And we have some great memories. And an excuse to do the whole thing again…right? RIGHT?!

And when we got home Saturday afternoon we had a lovely home cooked dinner, a good nights sleep, some jobs down around the house, a visit to my sisters new house and a visit from out of town grandparents. So not all was lost.
See lemonade from lemons? Trying my best at least…


  1. Sorry to hear about poor Harper’s ear infection! But loving your positive spin on the weekend xx

  2. Gorgeous photos… sometimes the weekends we look forward to the most are the big disappointments, and vice versa. At least you can go back again!

  3. Ah Beth, I was imagining you having a blissful weekend and then I read about Harper. It sounds like all was not lost and you should DEFINITELY go to that house again. It looks like a little slice of heaven.

    I hope you have a better week and that Harper is on the mend. xx

  4. Oh my love, poor little Harper, and your poor cheeky weekend. But, as you say, a damned fine excuse to go visit again – looks utterly beautiful.

  5. Poor little Harper, I hope she starts to REALLY get better soon hun.

    The photos are gorgeous.

    And best of all, you came home to love and family. Which I think, is the bestest thing in the world.

    Hope you have a good week, especially little miss H.


  6. silver linings and all that. love the pics and your lemonade. sending cuddles to poor baby Harper

  7. BETH! Nooooo! I was so excited for you for the weekend. I’m sorry it didn’t quite go to plan. An aside though, Daisy’s smile melts me!MELTS me!!!

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