Home Truths

It is action station around here at the moment. Well in my head at least. I have mental lists swimming around and around, and yet nothing actually seems to be happening. I start to de-clutter Daisy’s room and then get completely swept up and distracted by something else, and then remember something else, and nothing is actually being done. Sounds productive doesn’t it?

The agent has been signed up for the house and I must say the whole process makes me all incredibly woozy and anxious. This is our first house sale. Our first home. I am very attached to it and have always been very house proud – making the house clean and lovely and somewhere you want to be everyday. So you can imagine the state I am working myself up to trying to make it look “just” right – a little de-cluttered, but not too empty and un-homelike if you know what I mean? I just want someone to love it as much as we have, and make it their home too and yet the whole process of selling it is no NOT about emotions. It’s about marketing, and money and sales and stuff like that. Anyway, we are taking shots of the house for the ‘campaign’ tomorrow but the weather doesn’t look great so not sure what that means. We have our first open house next weekend and then the auction a few weeks after that. Phew! To think this time last week we didn’t even know if we were going to do this…it certainly is flying by!
Anyway, best be off to wash some windows and scrub some floors and buy a few bits and pieces to make the place all pretty like. For me at least, even if no else notices! Oh and today is the first non work day for me. Daisy trotted off to school and I got to spend a morning with Harper playing and giggling and cuddling and it was just about the nicest morning I have had in a looong time.


  1. Oh Beth, such amazing things happening in your life at the moment.

    Firstly, how great you had a morning just with Harper. I’m sure she loved it as much as you did 😉

    While I don’t own a home, I understand your post about wanting to sell to other people who will love it like you did. It’s lovely that you have this attachment.

    Hopefully the weather will be good. Try and use lots of soft lighting too. House hunting for nearly 10 months, has taught me many things, haha.


  2. Good luck my lovely! I’m sure people will see and feel the love in your home and just snap it up. Don’t worry about the photo shoot – an overcast day is better than sunny for photos anyway, and these photographer’s work miracles.

    Yay about being all work-free. How blissful.

  3. Time flies by when you’re selling your home :). I am sure the love and care in your home will shine through and people will be foghting to buy it 🙂

  4. Oh GAH, I feel your pain. I hated every minute of selling our first home.

    Brew mulling spices on the stove before people come to look- it makes your house smell good and homey and like you just baked an apple pie and it’s just DELICIOUS and very cozy.

    Good luck!!


  5. Good luck!
    It’s sad that our homes always look their best just when we’re getting ready to say goodbye to them.

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