Fabulous Friday

Isn’t it just a lovely feeling when you wake up (or in my case when I am WOKEN up) and you realise…oooh! It’s Friday!? It’s almost as good as when you wake up and *think* it’s a weekday and then you realise…hang on…it’s Saturday! Or Sunday! Now that’s a great feeling. Wouldn’t be great just to wake up without being woken? Now that, that right there would be a super douper feeling. I miss that….I really miss that. Anyway, I digress.

It’s Friday! Yay!
Today we are off to the library to drop off books and avoid another $28 fine for returning them late – you read right – $28! OUTRAGEOUS no? Bloody City of Sydney Council raising revenues greedy council people. Then some food shopping. Maybe. If I have the energy for it. And definitely a trip to the park for some afternoon energy action.
The weekend will involve some driving. Down roads like this. Maybe? And soaking up some fresh, cold air.

And hopefully putting my feet up. For a bit. If only on a bed as lovely as this one from our stay in the Kangaroo Valley a month or so ago.

And hopefully some champagne. There is always time for that on the weekend. Right?

I hope you have a great one too!


  1. Sounds utterly blissful! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

  2. A trip to the park and a nice drive sound wonderful! Ahhhh, weekends!

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