BIG dreaming

Oh I am a gazillion miles away from here (my life) at the moment. Dreaming. Day dreaming. Life dreaming. Thinking. Thinking. Thinking. What would…what if…I wonder what….I wonder if…imagine this…you get the picture.

And I have this little ball of excitement in the very bottom of my stomach. Anticipation. Imagining. Dreaming. Possibility. But it’s all just that…just dreaming….I think…?

And I have been scouring the internet. Pouring over pages and pages of real estate. It really is amazing what is out there. Some so very, very ugly and awful and then? Well something truly magical…like this.

Um, yes please! This? This right here is the sort of place Rob and I would dream about. I just need to find approx 3 and a half MILLION dollars. There’s that. But would you take a look at this place. It’s my new happy place. I’m sure whoever decide to buy it will be most happy indeed.

I also had a few people ask about the place that we stayed on the weekend. It was a GREAT house down on Culburra Beach. Here are the details if you wanted to stay there too – I think it is very popular though, so book well in advance.

And speaking of dreaming. This here is another place that I MUST stay sometime soon. I mean would you LOOK at those photos. World class I think and only 90 mins from Sydney…just need to save my pennies for a week or so there in the summer months.
A gal can (and will) dream…


  1. How stunning is that! Maybe I’ll buy down the street (with my spare millions!) and we can have wine time! Oh a girl can dream…..

  2. The house at Yellow Rock! It’s been tempting me on for weeks now.

    I love dream houses.

    This one is particularly amazing. I could totally live there. Not too far from Sydney at all.

    Wanna go halves?


  3. Anonymous says

    “Risk! Risk anything! Care no more for the opinion of others, for those voices. Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth.”
    ___Katherine Mansfield.

  4. Big dreaming indeed!
    We’re off on a family getaway in a month or so, still planning the details. To stay somewhere like this would be heavenly. I think we’ll end up somewhere a little more modest. But still lovely.
    Keep dreaming, it keeps life interesting.

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