The zone

This morning I had to head into the office for a few hours to catch up on work missed out on last week due to Harper being sick and to prep for the next few days ahead. I gave myself a 4 hour deadline – out the door by 7am and home by 11am – and Rob stayed home with the girls. I was amazed at what I managed to get done in 3 hrs at the office. I was at my desk, coffee in hand and ready to go by 7.30am. I just got into the zone and focused and I think without any distractions I got almost a normal full days work done. Then I left at 10.30 as my parking meter ran out, picked up some things for home and was back in the door into the mummy zone again. If only I could muster that focus more. Be a focused Mum and play with the girls for periods of time. Be a focused wife and communicate with Rob and be with him rather than there but on the computer or watching TV. Be focused on getting jobs around the house done – washing/cleaning/cooking/shopping…rather than try to do a little bit of all these things while being completely distracted and procrastinating by using the web.

Focus. It’s gonna be my new thing.
That is, until I completely lose it, get on twitter and fold washing while cooking dinner and yelling at whiny children…


  1. Good on you!

    I suffer from major loss of focus… It really annoys me although I know I’m the only one who can change.

    More washing and ironing, less blog, facebook and searching for cheap flights!


  2. When you find this focus character can you send him on to my house. Ta xx

  3. lOVE THIS! Really love it. I think you must be me … or know me very well.
    Your word was focus. My two words were BEING PRESENT.
    Still working on that one – 7.27pm and I’m on the phone promising my kids I’ll be there before they close their eyes. Better move it!
    Well done – love the Baby Mac blogsite. x

  4. On the days that it happens, it feels so right and good – wish it happen more often. My husband calls it “with with-it-ness”.

    Loved your blog and especially love this post.

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