Wintery Discontent (Reprise)

Holy teething hell Batbaby we have one MISERABLE baby on our hands.

It started Friday when we headed up to the farm and standard fare round here after 2 days in daycare. Runny nose? Check! Cough? Check! Misery? Check! Not sleeping? Check! All weekend poor baby Harper was entirely, completely and decidedly cranky. Her two top teeth are just cut through and so she is a dribbling mess. That makes 4 teeth (finally) through and I am certain one of the side ones next to her middle bottom are next in line. That said, my track record for teeth is not great, so let’s just say that this time next year I am certain that they will be through!
I thought that yesterday she was looking a wee bit brighter in the morning but as we made the very (looooooong ) car trip home she went down a snake. Her cough got worse – even causing a vomit of her entire stomach contents over herself, her car seat, me, the car…which completely FREAKED her big sister out. Who knew you could have a vomit phobia? Daisy does. Oh, boy does she have one. After we cleaned up poor Harper on the side of the road at Bulahdelah and got back on the road, each time that Harper coughed Daisy proceeded to freak to fuck out and scream “don’t let her VOMITTTTTTT! Stop the car Daddy! STOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPP!” This was OK for the first 5 or 6 times, but by the 20th or more, I was going spare and just laughed myself to tears. For some reason the car trip back took so very long and my mind was lost somewhere at the start of the F3.
So last night I started to really worry about her – I even called that number where you speak to a nurse and see if you should really be heading up to ER or just need a good, calm chat except they told me to head back to ER. But I just couldn’t. I mean I would have, if I thought she couldn’t breathe, but I think half of it was just plain exhaustion on her part and she needed to sleep, at home, and several hours in ER would have made matters worse. Mothers instinct, mothers DESPERATE desire to sleep, or whatever we want to call it, we stayed put. Poor babe slept on the couch, but she slept nonetheless.
This morning Rob took her up to the doctors for our standing Tuesday morning appointment and found out she has bronchiolitis. GREAT. Greeeat. Poor thing. So, no daycare for her, which means the work/home/sick baby juggle continues. A miserable baby continues. And more sleepless nights too. AWESOME.
Is it springtime yet?!


  1. Poor little thing…
    Those top teeth are the worst!

    Hope she gets better soon!

  2. Wow, you’re really copping it over there. I just can’t get over how sick everyone’s kids are in my world, both real and virtual. Winter sucks.

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