Wednesday Wind-back No. 9

Summer holidays 1980something. My brother and little sister.

Last week my (lucky) brother headed overseas with his wife and beautiful 3 kids for 4 weeks in the sun…in amazing Croatia! I know. I KNOW. His wife’s family are originally from this small coastal island paradise and her Mum and Dad have built a house by the water there. Every 2 years they head over for a few weeks (and even sometimes months) with her family. My little sis and her fiance visited them when they were living in London and my Mum and step dad have also been over there to spend a week or so with them all.

From what I hear, it sounds like heaven on earth. Simple pleasures. Food cooked on outside fire pits. Swims in the crystal clear ocean. Time spent with family. Afternoon sleeps. Late, warm nights. Happy, relaxed kids. Tanned skin.
I plan on getting there next time around. I mean we have 2 years to plan right?
And you know the WORST part of the story? They got upgraded. To business class on their way over there. That’s right. All of them. 2 parents and 3 kids aged 7, 4 & 2. Yep. Business Class.
The lucky one indeed….


  1. Gee I had an ugly head as a child. Love the t-shirt though…

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