Wednesday Wind-back No. 8

Nothing says 1980’s summer holidays to me like this shot. The fibro beach shack we were renting with the stylish cactus out the front, the navy speedos, the hibiscus, our dog Chloe in the background….fabulous!

We spent every summer holidays at the same beach on the central coast of NSW. Each and every summer we would pack up our car to the absolute maximum – including TV/stereo, dog, bikes and all and head away for a few weeks. I have such great memories of these holidays. Long, hot nights spent in shared rooms with my brother and sisters, playing with family friends, doing plays, watching videos whilst the parents sat around and drank (and drank and DRANK), played Dire Straits REALLY loudly and played cards, or scrabble. Learning to ride a 2 wheel bike and when finally mastering it fanging it down to the milk bar to get a bag of mixed lollies. Hot chips with tomato sauce on the beach. Whole days at the beach, sand stuck in your swimmers, sunburn and salt crusted on your hot, burnt skin at night. Early morning nutri grain breakfasts and playing with all your new toys from Santa. Collecting shells in rock pools, swimming in the ocean.

It’s amazing how good memories you have from your childhood have such a lasting impression on you. The simple times. The family times are always the best times. I am amazed that we are now doing the same for our girls. Creating their childhood memories. What a responsibility. Hope we don’t let them down…


  1. Look at you, accessorising at such an early age. See, navy blue speedos scream Swim Team, but the jaunty acquisition of a bright red hibiscus instantly turns it into Summer Holiday.


    It is lovely helping create family holiday memories though isn’t it? Your girls just have to grow up with some really amazing memories of the farm… Bliss.

  2. LOVE IT. It doesn’t get better than that.

  3. Oh, my goodness, I LOVE that flower in your hair! I have such wonderful memories of time spent with my own family on vacations like the one you describe here. Now that we’ve all grown and live so far apart, I can absolutely say they are PRICELESS!

    What a wonderful gift you are giving to your own children by doing the same!

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