Wednesday Wind-back No. 6

It’s my little sister’s birthday today. Although, perhaps now she isn’t so little. Still little to me though. 5 years younger in fact. Although, sometimes people think it’s the other way around, and that makes me happy. But enough about me.

My little sister is so much more than just a sister. She is a friend. A true friend. Someone who I count on and who counts on me. She is the first person I will call if I have some really good news, or gossip, or to bitch to. She is a great friend. A great daughter and step daughter. She likes a good dance to Beyonce (although when she does dance, she often looks like Elaine from Seinfeld) and LOVES a champagne or 23. She loves a good cry and does so often – she is quite the softy. She gets puffy eyes when she cries. She has the most perfect fiance and is planning what will be the most perfect of weddings AND is wearing the most perfect engagement ring on her finger. She is funny. And pretty (cause that’s important). And clearly was the most adorable little sister that ever there was (except perhaps for one Miss Harper Macdonald). She loves diamonds and good food and family. She now lives just 15 mins away from me, which makes it a little easier for me to breathe on a daily basis. She is MY little sister, and today I feel the lucky one that she came into our lives all those years ago and chose me and my brother and sister as her own.

Happy Birthday Lucy! LOVE love love love you.

BTW…do I have the same hairstyle that I had 25 years ago?!


  1. That is just such a beautiful birthday tribute – happy birthday to your gorgeous sister. And, um, now you have better highlights and lowlights than you did back then…

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful Lucy. Sisters are the most special people. If you didn’t know that already, you will now that your big sister has written about you in such a special way!

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  4. What a lovely post about such a wonderful person. We love Lucy!

  5. Ay yes, I cry. Often and once again your blog has me in tears at my computer. You are a beautiful big sister, I love you too. Thanks so much for the kind words! Looking forward to a champagne with you tonight xx

  6. Gorgeous post and photos! Happy birthday, Lucy!

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