W to the inner

Winner of the world’s most pathetic blog giveaway (pathetic because nobody entered cause clearly nobody watched or liked the show) is….

Congratulations Kylie! And sorry PPMJ & Corinne….I am *this* tempted to buy you both one anyway because you have been such supporters of the show.

Thanks guys YOU all rock!


  1. Ah damn! Congratulations to Kylie! Well done!

    I’ll just have to trot along to the ABC shop and buy my own copy!

  2. Woo hoo! Nothing can make a show even better than watching eps back to back so that you can enjoy it’s awesomeness in waves of glory.

    Sorry to Corrine and PPMJ, you love ladies. At least you made the top three!

  3. Yay Kylie! Tell you what though, shows how unlucky I am with those odds {although, if you’d gone with putting my entry on a piece of pink paper I’m positive the well-rested Daisy would have selected mine…}

  4. Sorry Beth, Im in HK so the dvds would have been no good to me – otherwise i would have entered cause i have only been able to view the clips on youtube or that you send me…

  5. I was away for the weekend hun, I would have entered, but I was offline…


  6. Aww give aways. Those fickle creatures. I have had two unsuccessful give aways and it will be a while before I try again.

    I saw one the other day with over 200 entries. I mean really, that’s just greedy.


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