Ready? OK? I said brrrr, it’s cold in here…

Oh it is properly winter at the moment isn’t it? Sunday night I just could not get warm in my own bed unless I was Koala beared onto Rob’s Back and then for most of the day yesterday I could not get warm. All day. You know when you are cold to the bone?

And then last night I was up and down my stairs so often with Daisy and on her bed in the freezing cold that it seems the only way to warm my bones this morning is to drink many, many cups of coffee and maybe have a hot bath.
I do love winter…that is, when I can get warm. And sit by a fire. And be warm.

The week is already flying by at a rapid rate. It’s amazing since I made my decision last week I feel like I have more patience. More time. Less deadlines and running around. I’m not sure why…maybe because I am still working for the next few weeks so things are the same as before, it’s just my head that has shifted for now…and everyone (especially me) is better for the change.

I commented to Rob last night that Harper is the happiest at the moment that I can remember in the longest time. Months. Since when I was breastfeeding her? Since before work? I think that she is finally feeling better, her skin is causing her less problems now that we have a little regime in place and the mixture of creams and potions seem to be working…for now. We have switched to soy milk formula and now that there is NO lactose in her diet at all she is actually doing proper poos. Like nuggets as Daisy calls them – it’s VERY exciting to see her guts working properly for a change. She is laughing and dancing and shaking her head saying no and trying to say Daisy which comes out as “Day Day” which is enough to break your heart in twain with cuteness. And Daisy seems to have just figured out that Harper can play with her, or laugh at her at least and be the captive audience she so desperately needs all. the. time. She gets very upset when she has to go to bed and races in when she hears her babbling away to herself in her cot after a sleep. The love affair between the two has well and truly begun.
Hopefully the rest of the week continues with us all feeling a little better. A little brighter. A little on the mend. AND staying warm….


  1. Yesterdy was FREEZING wasn’t it! One of the coldest days on record apparently.

    We went for a 45 min walk in the sun and it was still icy cold.

    Glad to hear Harper is doing better. Babies read our energy. You are happier and calm. So is she 🙂


  2. Ahhhhh man, it’s freeeeeeeezing. We had frost on our car this morning! Full-on, thick frost.

    Sitting on their beds when it’s freezing is the pits. I’ve been wearing socks to bed in anticipation of the middle-of-the-night roamings.

    I’m so glad to hear you’re all doing better. Especially little Harper. Onwards and upwards from here! x

  3. Hurrah! xx

  4. There must be some ke-ewtness in the atmosphere! So glad to read this post. I’ve been away and am kicking myself I missed out on that giveaway but am loving all the photos (‘specially your last point & shoot)& ‘Rob’s 50 reasons to leave your lover’ (‘Bahahahahaha’ to #36). It’s good to be back xx

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