Point and Shoot

Sunday 20th June 2010 10.20am – 10.22am

We were heading out to lunch to my Mum’s place. Daisy let me wash, dry and BRUSH her hair. We just had to take a photo to remember this momentous occasion. It never happens.

Then she quite got into the whole photo shoot thing and posed up a storm. This is also especially rare as she let me put her in clothes that were not pink. This never happens. You will note that the standard Dorothy shoes still got a run. They always get a run.

Then she found my old glasses in the cupboard. Hello my little librarian, cafe latte anyone?


  1. Gorgeous pictures. What a pretty girl you have!!

  2. lovely pictures, she sounds like she would keep you on your toes.

  3. She’s so beautiful. And her hair looks divine and soft brushed. Hopefully she lets it happen more often. x

  4. She’s so sweet. I wonder why they don’t like having their hair brushed? I mean, fast forward a couple of years and they’ll be brushing non-stop, right?

  5. She is *too* adorable.

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