I ROCK and Roll

I have been meaning to get to this post all week but somehow life got in the way. Funny how life does that.

But. Monday bought us the final episode of I ROCK. The season finale. And the end of the show (for hopefully just) now. I loved the show. Sure I am completely bias and not at all able to be impartial at all, but I actually really enjoyed the final product. I had seen a few of the episodes along the way, but never in their final finished mode, so each week I eagerly awaited the show and got caught up just like everyone else. Incidentally we only made on week (the Monday just gone) without being interrupted by kids. THANK GOD for IQ and I view. I loved the sillyness of it. The music. The acting and all of the critical muso’s who got their knickers well and truly into knots about it at the start, but still managed to keep watching and bitching through the entire season. I am incredibly proud of Rob and all that were involved in creating it. Well done.
So. To thank you all for putting up with all my promo pushing and goings on and on and ON about the show I thought I would give something back. Cause that’s just how I roll. AND I am even going to pay for it with my own real work money (while I still have some), plus I think that means Rob will get some cut somewhere down the line, although spending $30 to get $1 or whatever it is doesn’t quite work does it. Anyway, I am tired.
So. Just leave me a comment. Tell me something you liked about the show and in a few days time I will pick a random winner and send it on it’s way to you. Buggery thing is that the DVD only works in Australia so it’s only available for my Aussie readers. I know. I suck. Actually I don’t suck, the DVD sucks. I guess you could enter and then next time you are in Australia you can come and watch it with me. It would be really fun to have me saying every 2 seconds “oh just wait, this bit is reeeeeeallly funny. Oh! And this one too! Oh SHUT UP COMET!”
Anyway. Back to details. Leave a comment on the blog, or if you read this on Facebook then leave a comment on my wall. Family can enter too (all that is, except Rob). I’ll chose a random winner by the very precise method of names in a hat that Daisy will pull out. Competition ends Sunday night 27th June @ 6pm…winner to be announced just after. Now that’s a good start to the week no?

And if you just can’t wait, or are totally BUMMED that you didn’t win, then feel free to go online to the ABC shop and purchase the DVD and or soundtrack right here. Go on. Remember I am a stay at home Mum now and you could be helping to feed Daisy. Or something. Furthermore, if you want to see more of this fabulous show, please tell the ABC right here so they start to get a clue and offer series two. As I said, hungry kids and all that…

Thanks again for fanning up or “liking” the show, giving me feedback and for listening to me rant and rave about it. Good luck. Now, Go!


  1. Ummm, I’d like to win one pleeeeeeeease!

    Funny timing this post, as I only got to watch the final episode today (iQ, I love you). I LOVED it.
    Throughout the series I really grew to love the characters, which I have to admit I didn’t expect. The first episodes were funny and compelling, but as the series went on there was an added depth to it and I was really sad when the final credits rolled as I’m going to miss Nash and the rest.

    My fave episodes were the out-of-control night at the Annandale and the final episode.

    I so hope that the ABC commission a second series.

  2. Oh, I did love it so. C’mon, you’re not seriously going to ask me for a single stand-out moment? That’s cruel. I obviously need the series because I have a shocking memory and will need it to refresh my memory before the new series starts…

    I loved every moment with Val, poor Jasper’s down-trodden expressions and his Terminator 3 running style in the video. I also loved the moments I had to watch through my fingers {record producer – gold, the blow-job… I am a delicate petal…}

  3. Bye for now Nash, you wanker! Can’t wait to see you again.

    My fav was definitely the Christian rock festival ep. and the final. and the film clip ep.

    Nash running! Back up dancers acting like Nash running! L. O. L.

    So. Um. Does this mean I get two entries?

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