Forever 16 months

It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by. It seems like only a few months ago now that I wrote about it, and yet it’s already been another year.

Today it’s 2 years since Daisy’s little friend Lachlan died. That beautiful little boy who was 16 months old, put to bed for his afternoon sleep, never to wake again.

I think about Lachlan and his Mum Julia & Dad Angus (and now baby brother Cooper) so often. Whenever a special day like Mothers Day or Fathers Day comes around, or his birthday I am reminded of what has been lost. What will always remain. What could have been. What should have been. For all of them. When Daisy is being a right little shit and I complain about her, I force myself to remember that at least we have her. When she is being a pure delight I force myself to remember Jules, and what she never got to see all he would have been.

I still cannot fathom their loss. Their pain. Julia’s daily pain as a mother. And how unfair the whole bloody thing is. Why it happened. Why it even happens at all.

I hope their pain 2 years on is a little less. I hope that her constant worry and pressure for her new baby is a little less. I hope that everyone still remembers and honours Lachlan for all he bought to us while he was here. His joyous personality. His giggles. His cuddles. His unending love for his parents. Like Daisy is now, I know that he would have been a fabulous big brother to Cooper.

You are missed Lachlan. You are not forgotten. Not by me at least.

If you see any requests for Donations for Red Nose Day or SIDS in the next week or so, please give generously so that one day just one less family has to go through this. You can go online right here and now and do so.


  1. That is such a beautiful, touching tribute. I’m so sorry for your friends and their loss, but am happy that Lachlan is living on through so many lovely memories. xxx

  2. I cried reading this.

    Thoughts to you and his family too.

    I can’t even fathom things like this happening. It breaks my heart and I struggle to breathe…


  3. Oh my goodness, you knew Lachlan, too?

    My son E went to family daycare with Lachlan. He was a beautiful, happy little boy with such a magnetic smile.

    On Saturday we went to a get-together in a park with Julia and a bunch of her lovely friends. We let go of some balloons in remembrance of him.

    The loss of Lachlan is heartbreaking. I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like for Julia and Angus. In my family we will always remember him – that’s one thing I will make sure of.

  4. Kurrabikid…small world! I couldn’t make last Sat but went last were probably there too! Nice to make the connection 🙂

  5. my biggest fear…

    how awful that this still happens, he was quite ‘old’ from what i understood SIDS to be. i always imagined it was more newborn babies that succumb to this horrible condition.

    my heart aches for them.

  6. Beautiful

  7. Oh – so beautifully written. Tears here as well. A friend of mine lost her child this year, her words have stayed with me “the pain I’m in is unimaginable” . Our daughters were the same age and I do all of the same things you mentioned above – I constantly thank the universe that we remain untouched, unharmed.

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