Don’t fence me in

Last week I had just the reminder I needed of why we live where we live. I really do love this little house, I mean it has SO many memories for us, and it’s our very first house that we have owned, so of course it is especially close to my heart. But sometimes, and more often than not lately, I have looked at all the negatives of it. The small space. The lack of storage. The annoying young neighbours who constantly smoke and chat outside which makes it hard for us to enjoy being outside, the annoying gay neighbour who plays bad music (hello Tina Turner Private Dancer I am talking to you) very loudly and often, and more annoying brags loudly about how fabulous he and his house is, to whoever will listen. The lack of car space which sometimes has me driving around for 20 minutes or more with 2 kids and a full load of groceries in the car. Stuff like that. You know?

But last week, our new front fence was put in. And it’s lovely. And has made the place look a little more fabulous.

And one afternoon last week we went for a walk to the park and came home a different way to the one we would normally do and stumbled across a pub that we had never eaten in before. Daise was DESPERATE (so she told me) for noodles, and they had them on offer for $10, so I had a beer, she had some noodles, Harper just hung out and we all came home later in great moods for our find. We were so happy in fact, that we went back down a few nights later with Rob on a cold and wet night and sat in front of an open fire, Daisy ate for free, we ate for next to nothing AND we played hungry hungry hippos. It was perfect.

So this week I say: THANK GOODNESS we live where we do. We can walk to great places to play and eat and drink, we have a lovely, cosy little home, and I love it*.
*that is until Tina freaking Turner gets another run


  1. I too have a love/hate relationship with my home too.
    I long for a place to park my car; space to, you know, store stuff; maybe even have a spare room. I just long for space really.

    Then when I think about moving out to the burbs and losing the things we love like strolling to great coffee, the diversity, stepping out you front door and being part of the action, etc. I don’t know if I can do it, but we can’t afford a bigger house in our area.

    Thankfully we have GREAT neighbours (which is essential when you share walls).

    I think we will be battling this dilemma in my head for a while to come.

    That pub sounds fab!

  2. PS- that fence is gorgeous!

  3. I guess the grass IS always greener, isn’t it? My husband and I moved from a small house with a tiny yard and close neighbors to a sprawling house in the country. We find we actually miss sidewalks, walking to the grocery store, and chatting with neighbors! Sigh!

    So glad you were able to find happiness there (Tina Turner aside!!).

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