Well, well, well

What do we ‘ave ‘ere? A happy girl. A well girl. A well rested girl.

So what happened? What was it all about? Well, we are still not entirely sure. Saturday night she became increasingly irritated and upset and did not sleep for many, many hours. Sunday morning she was a little better after she finally got to sleep but went downhill Sunday afternoon. When I got home after my lovely little visit to see PPMJ, I didn’t even get a smile and so I knew that things were not right. Her temp was at 39+, she was listless and very unwell. After all the basic tests were done they saw that her white blood count was VERY high (it was only when I read the discharge letter this morning that I saw the word critical. Normal range is 4000 to 11,000 and she had 35,000) which could have meant more sinister things, OR that she was just fighting off an infection which can bring the count up higher. So…they had to wait to grow cultures in her blood to check for bacterial infection (which it was not) so long story short: viral infection which exacerbated her eczema teamed with a strep and staph infection from her angry eczema.
So..we are on oral antibiotics for another 7 days. Her skin looks fabulous for the first time EVER – and she is brighter, smilier, happier and almost back to normal. Thank goodness.


  1. And so much more GROWN UP! Goodness me. And look at those teeth – bless. Could a baby BE any cuter?

  2. YEAH!!!!! Nothing better than a baby that is healthy and happy. My heart goes out to you after your stay in the hospital, delighted to know that you all are back home and doing well (Rob will be better soon!)

  3. I’m so glad she’s better! It’s so scary when our babies are unwell. She’s gorgeous!

  4. Oh Crap! Almost split in two with all that cuteness! So glad everything she is healthy and happy x

  5. Great news, so lovely to see her happy and smiling and wonderful that you are home again.

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