Wednesday Wind-back No. 4

I don’t know how this little pearler ended up in my box of treasures, but it did, and I am so glad that I have it. This is a fabulous photo from 1971 – taken of my Mum and Dad for a photo shoot they did for their wedding invitation. In fact, I think this photo was on the front of their wedding invitation on some nice yellow parchment paper, or the like.

This shot does it NO justice whatsoever, but, you can get a general idea of the flares. And skivvies, and hair. All that hair.
My Mum and Dad were married very young (well my Mum anyway was only 19 I think) and it was a shot gun wedding (don’t you love it?!) which lasted for 4 kids and 20 odd years before it ended…but, here, they look innocent. And in love. It’s a great moment in time.

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