Wednesday Wind-back No. 3

Another treasure from my recently found box from Mum’s garage was this little letter. A special little letter that I am ever so glad that she held onto. A little letter that I had written for my Mum when she went to hospital to have my little sister. I was four and a half.

For those that can’t read the words, it says:

To Mum have a nice time in hotsipial and the baby
Given what I have just been through, having my own babies, and my girls that are now sisters, it means all the more. All the more.


  1. I’m all teary – goodness how CUTE is that. And how perfect were your love hearts! I’m jealous, mine are still wonky.

    I love how your mum’s kept all this stuff – and I love how you’re sharing it too!

  2. No wonder your mum kept that. How beautiful.

  3. Awww, that is just adorable!

  4. oh Beth, that is just GORGEOUS!!!

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