Rewind: weekend

1974 called and it wants it’s baby back. I mean look at this taken on Rob’s iPhone…hilarious!

We had a very quiet weekend spent mostly indoors. I was waiting, waiting, waiting for the weather event to kick in, which it never did do. We had a trip to the park for some serious cabin fever relief including Harper’s first go on the swing. I think she liked it. We cooked, ate, slept, read, it was a perfect quiet home weekend.

Tonight we have another episode of I ROCK on ABC2 @9pm…be sure to tune it. It’s very boozy and the perfect thing for a Monday night. I have to head into the office for a few hours tomorrow to try and catch up on my missed week last week, a dinner with Rob’s Dad tonight, a b’day dinner for my little sis on Wednesday night and all the boring normal stuff in between, it’s going to be your stock standard week.

Let’s hope we get a little sunshine too…


  1. Love that retro finish on the iPhone photo – might have to invest in one just for the effects. Doesn’t your big 7 month old look gorgeous – bless her and her first swing.

    So looking forward to tonight’s episode – enjoy your week x

  2. I love Hipstamatic too! Cute fun photos.

    Nor, look at her on the swing, too cute.

    Abi loves the swings. Her favourite thing to do at the park.

    My weekend was spent in the bathroom. We arrived home from Bali at 7am on Saturday morning and I have a disgusting parasitic infection… SO SICK!

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