Point and Shoot

Sunday 16th May 2010 – 6.21pm @ home

Daisy had her first proper sleep over last night with one of her older cousins. Here are the gals, post bath, jammies on, eating their very own pizza out of the box on the floor in front of The Little Mermaid.

Does it get any better for a 3 and 4 year old?
Please excuse the terrible mobile camera shot – I didn’t have time (actually no, the energy) to get the proper camera out!

Playing along with others at Fat Mum Slim


  1. Bless – cuteness incorporated x 2.

  2. Looks like fun!! I wouldn’t mind curling up in my pj’s with a pizza, friend & watch The Little Mermaid ;o) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Um, pizza and The Little Mermaid sounds good enough for me!!

    I love Ariel. And Flounder. And Scuttle. haha. My sisters and I know all the words to the songs in the movie too!

    Bless their hearts.


  4. I want a night like that! Please…

    Thanks for playing along. x

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