Pipped to the (1st) post

Corinne! Thanks for the tag. Thought I better finally answer one of these things because I would like my blogging report card to read “plays well with others”.

I have been tagged to share my first ever blog post that I started oh so many years ago. In fact, the first ever blog post was actually written by Rob and not me!
Sat 29th July 2006 (can you believe it was oh so long ago?!)
We just thought we’d let you all know (for those who don’t already) that the Macdonalds are having a baby! After initial thoughts that we might be having twins, we can confrim after our first ultra-sound this morning that there is only one little tacker in there. For ease of communication we’ll call it “Reginald”. It was very exciting to finally see Reginald – it kind of makes the whole thing that more real! Everything seemed normal but we do have to go back next Thursday for another scan just to make sure as Reg turned out to be 4 days younger than we all thought. This puts the due date at the 14th Feb next year…that’s right – Valentine’s Day! We look forward to keeping you all up to date on what’s going on…at least now no one can accuse us of keeping them in the dark! Lots of love, Rob and Beth and Reginald

Fairly uninspiring? As you may know, this little blog was set up mostly for my family & friends interstate and OS but has turned into so much more. Connections with people I call my real friends, conversations that would otherwise go unspoken with family and real friends, and a diary of the best and hardest years I have lived.
Sorry to let you all down if you thought you would get something funny, or clever or witty. Or actually interesting. It appears that motherhood has done all this for me and made me the fabulous writer (ha!) that I am today. Luckily for you all, dear readers, there will be plenty more material to work with as I am knee deep in kids these days…and the urge to share all this with you on a daily basis is stronger then ever!


  1. I’m glad that your first blog post is fairly unexciting too. I got really depressed when I saw all the people who had fantastic first blog posts 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, can hardly believe you are now blogging about your second daughter being 6 months old!

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