Peas anyone?

See that there? That green sludge pile? You could easily have mistaken that as one of the delightful meals our little lady has been presented with, but I also think it perfectly visualises the week we have had. Oh yes. Pile of green hospital baby shit week.

I shouldn’t complain. Harper is MUCH better. So much. She is giggling. And laughing and charming every nurse, doctor and medical student that come near her. That is the main thing. However.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record…but….can I say I am over this now? Ready to move on to brighter days please? After 3 nights in a VERY uncomfortable chair bed with a drip that seems to go off for SOME reason every 21 seconds waking both Harper and I we are READY, oh boy are we ready to get outta here. She is doing so much better which is the main thing so all I want to do is try and get some normal life back for all 4 of us. Daise has been a star, as has Rob, who incidentially is very sick himself now. Am desperate for my house. My shower. My clothes. My coffee machine. All of it.


  1. YOU have been a star- OMG WHAT A WEEK SO FAR. So happy that Harper is feeling better. May the rest of your week be a delightful rainstorm of kittens, rainbows and champagne..

    And…..IS that poop? Is it peas? If it is peas they should never serve that again. OMG. It looks like poop. I think it’s really poop. In a bowl? On a plate? Why would they do that to you? BETH WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO YOU?

  2. That’s not a meal! Oh what an absolutely torturous few days you’ve been through – you poor thing. A couple of hours in a hospital chair sucks hard, but DAYS? Or worse NIGHTS? I hope you at least got to watch Survivor…

    Is Harper okay to come home today? Just being at home has to be a million times better. Hugs xx

  3. Oh dear, that really adds insult to injury doesn’t it?!

    What is it about hospital food? At a time when you really need some nourishment and they serve up, um, well, this!

    I hope that your week improves and that Harper’s giggles are medicinal for you.

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