Happy (er) little Vegemites

Thought I had something to feel sorry about on Tuesday? Ha! HA! From the moment I posted that entry I went down a snake and got sicker, and sicker and SICKER. And generally speaking, I do not get sick. Anyway, I dragged myself to the shops, then to the doctor whereby Daisy and I were diagnosed with a bad case of tonsillitis each. I have always managed to get this dreaded ailment (particularly when I was a kid) and it honestly just makes you feel rotten. So in between helping Daisy deal with her sore throat, and tending to the babe and being sick in between it’s been a laugh a minute round here. Rob did manage to get home earlier than normal and take over duties from me for the night – so thank you!

But…But…24 hours of antibiotics and we are both feeling a little better. I have taken the day off work to rest (ha!) but have both gals here so you can imagine just how much rest I am getting. I have washed the house of all it’s sheets/clothes/pj’s to get rid of all that sick – and am ready to pack down in front of the TV. Hello Survivor taped from last night, I am talking to you.
Just hope that the girls are just as interested to do the same. Surely they will see the importance of the game at this late stage and Russell’s strategy no?

Oh. And by the way. Thanks for all your comments and support for me after my Tuesday rant. I felt better for it – and it made my day knowing that people (including my rock star husband) took time out of their busy day to wish me well. And suggest which napppies to use. And I even got a gold star and everything. So thank you. That there, is why I love blogging.


  1. Oh love, I have the most awful news ever. You’re going to switch on your pre-recorded Survivor to find, oh my god, I can’t… Two and a Half Men – the adults only version {more smutty!?!} I know, had a conniption myself last night and ranted at the television for 10 minutes, checked the tv guide three times, ranted again at the television. It wasn’t pretty.

    Glad the antibiotics have kicked in x

  2. Ignore me – apparently it was only MY TELEVISION STATION that decided not to run what was apparently the BEST EPISODE EVER.

    I’m not angry, or bitter about it. Not one bit.

  3. Oh poor you. I had those little suckers ripped out years ago, I hope they stop giving you trouble soon.

    Hope you’re feeling better and take care of yourself!

  4. Glad to see the tide is turning for you after a shite couple of days. Tonsilitis sucks the fat one.

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