Good, clean fun

Sorry for the delay in my post this morning. We have started going to a playgroup with one of my girlfriends which starts at 10am and for some reason, on a Monday morning, it seems like a MASSIVE effort to get clothes on, breakfast fed to kids, clothes on the line etc and get there by 10. So my little blog went without this morn.

The playgroup has been FABULOUS though, and Daisy has had so much fun with her little bestie Julian while my mate and I get to natter and play with the 2 little gals who are 6 weeks apart in age (exactly the same as Daise and Jules too – freaky!). It’s so nice to be able to do something like this with Daise and it’s a great start to the week. She has fun, I get to catch up with my best mate and we all leave feeling better for it. In fact, I actually feel like a better mother for going – it’s just some good, clean, honest fun. I am sure you all know about local playgroups in your areas and have been utilising them – I am a little slow off the mark but will be keeping up the effort! You know I am actually still friends with some of the kids I met when I went to playgroup as a 2/3 year old?
This picture below is me (in red) with a pink butterfly next to me. Not bad?

Anyway, yesterday was a lovely family day. I got a sleep in, then pressies in bed (dressing gown and pj’s as per my request) and a lovely little card from Daise. We had a long lunch at my brothers place with some AMAZING food and wine and let’s not forget the many glasses of Moet I was lucky enough to have! The kids had fun, the adults had even more fun – it was a perfect day. Hope you all had a great day too.

Oh, and don’t forget – tonight episode 2 of I ROCK on ABC2 at 9pm. Tune in….it’s a good one!

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